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Summer has truly arrived to Waterbury.....
Middle aged men on Harleys
Shirtless teenage boys in the back of pick-up trucks
and the awful smell of hot asphalt

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SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): It’ll be fine to eat ice cream with a fork this week. It’ll be kind of cool to enter through exits, too, and you may generate good luck if you smash a mirror with a hammer or talk about subjects you’re normally too superstitious to broach. You should also consider fixing things before they’re broken, and listen ravenously to what’s not being said. But please avoid trying to drink coffee with a sieve, Scorpio. Refrain from saying what you don’t mean. And don’t you dare try to fall up., free will astrology

don't forget the teenages mothers out in full fick me force, while their babies sit in sun drenched strollers.

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